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      SABIC supplies polypropylene-based materials to the automotive industries worldwide. With more than 25 years experience in production and development SABIC is one of Europe leading manufacturers of polypropylene based materials for the automotive industry. The automotive industry is one of the markets that have benefited of the experience of SABIC Europe. Materials produced by SABIC Europe can be found in almost all cars on the European market today.




      A long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene,be used primarily in interior and under the bonnet,application as dashboard carriers,door modules and front-end mofules.

      -SABIC PP Compound  

      Compounded polypropylenes modified with mineral fillers and/or elastomers, for Automotive interior,exterior and part under the bonnet.

      -SABIC PP  
      Natural polypropylene copolymers or homopolymers for Automotive interior,exterior and part under the bonnet.